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Omaha, Nebraska

Combining abstraction and realism came naturally to me. Realism indicates the inspirational source; abstraction conveys what is not physical. Light, wind, humidity, and seasons change. Society, politics and climates change, and the collective subconscious shifts. A little abstraction helps. So much is a mystery; I paint to find answers.


Painting is essential to my sense of well-being. I had given up artistic pursuits for many years until my innate drive to paint again became needfully apparent. Like most endeavors, it requires attention and practice. I started with my children's crayons; pastels became my logical next step. Next came watercolors, so clean and compact,  until my critique group and gallery sales strongly suggested oils.

Style is elemental and uniquely personal, comprised of many things. My work has been described as mystical, defined as allegory for what transcends intellectual

understanding. Landscape fulfills that purpose as the longest lived thing I can find with a story to tell.


I use texture, layering, line, and blending with a lot of palette knife work until the ineffable something emerges, satisfying my interest in the original idea. This is why I like oils; the medium is so very pliable. I paint with traditional oils and am as environmentally careful as possible with cleanup and product choice. 

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